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Alright I know I havent post any entries for a LONG minute but I am postin now to tell yall that I went to see Ciara in concert yesterday and it was off the chain!!!! I mean I thought it wasnt goin to be that good cuz the tickets were pretty cheap, but I was wrong, we had good seats right in the middle and she sang all good songs!!! Everybody was dancing, screaming, and singing, it was the BEST!!!! I always liked Ciara, cuz she comes out with great songs but I really really like her even more after seeing her concert. Oh and special guest Tiffany Evans, performed too she was on Star Search and she now has the song named "Promise Ring" which is a great song too!! If you havent heard it before you should totally download it or sumthing cuz its a great song but its mainly for the ladies but the fellas can get into it too, lol. But anywayz after the concert my ears and voice were dead cuz of all that screaming and singing from me and from the whole crowd of people. Oh and Ciara also did the matrix dance and geez that was crazy!!! It was a awesome experience!!!
Oh and today in my BIRTHDAY so it has definitely been a great two days for me, today I had school so I couldnt really celebrate my bday but seeing Ciara in concert definitely made my birthday. So all I did today was just go out to eat since I couldnt really do much, I dont kno why my bday couldnt fall on a Sat. or Friday so I could actually have some more fun but oh well its kool!!



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